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Some look at life’s journey as a pitched battle, and some as a noble quest. Either way, a smart knight should be prepared for the dragons he or she is bound to encounter along the way. My weapon of choice is a feather duster.

It has only snowed once so far this weird winter.  I took advantage of the unlooked for boon of ice-free roads here in the country last week and went for a walk.  My mood was somber as I set off down the road, well bundled against the bracing cold.  I needed the lift that nature always gives me because I felt lower than I have felt in a long time.

I was thinking about my dear cousin, Moe. She’s experimenting with multiple chemo treatments, locked in mortal combat with the cancer that has spread despite her efforts. We recently learned that her…

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The Ship of Theseus- One of my Favorites

Heya guys and girls! This is question proudly where the trend is to think and question- question and demand answers! After all they said that everything is answerable……. but is it?

So… without much further ado let us begin with the first post n yeah you guessed it right from the heading its about the age old paradoxical question that has been troubling us educated people (if you know wt i mean :P) from times immemorial was proposed by Greek legendary king named Theseus (obviously duh!).

Who was this Theseus?

theseus_Go search Wikipedia… what is it there for then? -.- i have been good enough to provide you with a picture! :3


Suppose you made a ship out of a million wooden planks. Now u decide to replace these old pieces of wood with new pieces of wood. However, you do it only one at a time so that the structure of the ship remains constant at all times. You  now make an identical ship using the old pieces of wood. which of the ships is original? 



Let us try to analyze the very complex statement that were just presented to us. It says that some person simply forgetting the generation he/she was living in decides to make a wooden ship! Anyway he is not satisfied this madness of his and decides to continue the tradition by replacing all the million pieces of wood one by one (because obviously he seems to have all the time in the world!). it is important to note that he does not go for demolition and instead replaces all the pieces of wood one by one. So you see….. the original hull of the ship always remains constant. The problem arises when we are asked to tag one as original and the other as a later version (or whatever…. u get my point!)

So what is original then? Is the one first made original or the one made with the same pieces of wood? cursing your superficial knowledge of English already? Lets take a look at the what the oxford dictionary has to offer……-

OXFORD DICTIONARY defines and I copy-paste:



Present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest


The earliest form of something, from which copies may be made

As is clear, instead of clearing all confusions…. it adds to the problems. If we were to look at the adjective part of the word we can see that it sates- present from beginning… however, it fails to address the question of WHAT?

It does not tell us if the aura or the hull that was present from the first is to be taken into consideration or the wood which was originally used. moving on to the noun section even it fails to address us whether the earliest form of the structure or the earliest form of wood…. which one!?!?

Is it possible that if i were to ask two different people to go to the ‘original’ ship… that they would actually end up on two different ships based on their understanding of the language? (Now that’s interesting 😉)


Is it possible that both are original? –

Obviously not! come on this ain’t your favorite sci-fi novel that things would be made all of a sudden and appear out of nowhere! ~.~ After all when and where on Earth did you see two originals of the same stuff!?

None of them original? –

You must be drunk cause you are seriously out of mind suggesting that originality disappears into thin air like just some magic trick! However, you are welcome to the auction of the Mona Lisa….. afterall there is no original to slap copyright charges! 😉

I hope you do not have such lame suggestions…..anything else??

The question still remains… WHICH ONE IS ORIGINAL? and why? (because the world doesn’t work on your wishes…. so you better have a damn solid reason!)

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